An introduction of App "Peanut" for digital ham radio network




An Android/PC App from PA7LIM for digital ham radio network was release recently.

Let’s check how to use it talk with ham over the digital network.

Why “Peanut”

As I know, it is the first App can talk via the digital ham radio network which no need extra hardware.

There are 2 platforms for the App, PC or Android.


Although the Android App still marked under development, but it tested OK in my LG Tablet.





Official Website:

It is a Ham radio software, you are requested to apply a user code from the official web.



You need provide your licensed amateur radio callsign during registration.

It needs 1-2 days to handle your application.

The backend of the Peanut servers is cloud based, and connected to many AMME3000 decoder boards. The digital mode used for the system is D-star.




However, 2 rooms was inter-connected with DMR network. My demo will show Peanut talk with DMR radio.




YouTube Demo

D-star reflector 268XRF is inter-connected with DMR network Talk Group 915.

A DMR radio connect to Talk Group 915 via MMDVM hotspot, and Peanut connected to D-star reflector 268XRF.



Once your Android device installed the Peanut, you can talk with ham via the digital network, whatever you have digital transceiver or not.

And I trust more rooms for the rest digital mode will available in the future.

Have fun.

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